Mango Smoothie

When they are in season mangoes are an absolute delight! I’m talking about the fleshy mangoes with a relatively smaller seed in the middle. I love to eat them raw but I wouldn’t hesitate to make them into a smoothie because they still give that raw feel. Here’s my go- to mango smoothie recipe.

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2 cups of frozen mangoes, chopped

1 cup of frozen bananas, chopped

1 /4 cup of coconut water or water

1 cup of greek yoghurt (optional)


Peel and chop your fresh mangoes.

Peel and chop your bananas.

Put both fruits in a ziploc bag or bowl and freeze. Your smoothie will have a smoother taste when your fruits are frozen.

When you’re ready to drink your smoothie

Pour the frozen fruits in a blender.

Add in your coconut water or just plain water. I like to use coconut water because it adds to the sweetness of the smoothie. Plus coconut water contains natural electrolytes.

You can also add in your yoghurt here, if you want a more creamy smoothie.

Once all that’s in there, cover your blender and blend till smooth! You can add more water or coconut water if you want your smoothie a little more watery. Do you!

Pour in a glass and enjoy!

I would normally prep the fruits for my morning smoothies over the weekend and just pop them in the blender in the morning to save time.

When you try this recipe, let me know if you like it or how you modified it to suit you! Send us a picture on Instagram or comment down here.

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