It's time to take a break
Take care of yourself
It's time to cleanse

How many fresh vegetables and fruits do you eat in a week? All 30 days in the month, 90% of the food you eat is over-processed and cooked, saturated with sodium, fats, sugars and other preservatives which increase shelf-life but can be harmful to the body.

Cleanse week is an opportunity for you to be good to your body; eat a lot of natural, healthy and fresh meals. The goal is to eat as much fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water for five days!  Subscribe to get the meal plan for the week, meal inspiration and recipes you can try at home.


If you’re ready to take up the challenge then here’s what you have to do!

The Cleanse Week Communities

For those who have never tried this before, it won’t be easy on your own. Let’s do this together! Share your journey and get inspiration from others during the cleanse week. Meet new people who share similar health and wellness goals.

The Cleanse Week Meal Packages

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Cleanse Week Menu

Breakfast : Just Fresh Special Salad and Pineapple Passion Juice

Lunch: Tuna Salad and Orange Juice

 Snacks: Whole Bananas and cut pawpaws

Supper: Pina colada smoothie- pineapple, coconut milk, bananas and honey

Breakfast: Chicken Salad and Pineapple Orange Juice

Lunch: Tuna Salad and Watermelon Juice

Snack: Cut fruits- pineapple and watermelon

Supper: Minty smoothie- Pineapple, mint and banana 

Breakfast: Avocado salad and tropical juice

Lunch: Tuna Salad and Watermelon Juice

Snack: Mixed cut fruits with honey dressing

Supper: Green smoothie- Banana, coconut milk, spinach and honey

Breakfast: Just Fresh Special Salad with Pineapple Watermelon juice 

Lunch: Pine beetroot ginger juice and egg salad 

Snack: Whole bananas and cashew nuts

Supper: Green Colada smoothie- pineapple, spinach and coconut milk

Breakfast: Chicken Salad and Pine Ginger Mint juice

Lunch: Egg Avocado Salad and Orange Juice

Snack: Cut fruits- pawpaws and pineapples

Supper: Pineapple, passion banana and honey smoothie



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